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TV Dinners – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Edition

For awhile I couldn’t stand the characters from the show because well, they’re jerks and sometimes a little obnoxious. However, after actually sitting through a handful of episodes, I realized this is exactly what this show is about, loveable jerks who are sometimes so dumb you can’t help but laugh at the shenanigans they get into. The show is about a group of five friends who own and bar and do random stuff like getting lost at the sea with a rum soaked ham, trying to sell gasoline door to door, faking their own deaths, having strange orgies and attempting to make Lethal Weapon 6  all while having Danny Devito as a side kick. His character is full of great storylines and quotes! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ain’t no Cheers and the comedy is pretty raw but provides a good laugh just the same. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia currently airs on FX Networks.


TV Dinners - ItPIN


And here’s a classic clip from the show. Kitten Mittens, you’ll be smitten!


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