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For the Love of Brownies

I’m SUPER EXCITED to announce that this past weekend I got engaged! I can’t think of anything witty to write or to introduce that other than to just blurt it out haha. I think I’m a pretty observant person but shoot, I totally missed this one. So we were suppose to be heading to a friend’s house for dinner and I was so occupied with trying to cook these pistachio almond brownies in time that when Devon popped the question I was totally caught off guard. Of course I could only answer in the most lady like way, “hells yeah!” hahaha. Then we ate the brownies with our friends Ben and Ana (BenAna, get it? It’s fun! They’re fun!) and finally cracked open the fancy bottle of champagne that’s been taking up all our fridge space for the past 5 months!

So on Saturday I got a new hat, sweater and fiancé! Hurray I win!



Engagement browniePIN


And for everyone who’s asked about it, you can find the recipe for the yummy brownies at WholeYum!



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