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TV Dinners – The Walking Dead Edition

During my ongoing exploration of food photography I became inspired to do a photo series imagining what my favourite tv show characters would eat. So far I’ve learned that a) I don’t watch enough tv shows (probably a good thing) b) people on tv need to eat more. I realize that unless it’s part of the storyline, it is something that’s implied and doesn’t necessarily have to be shown but man, it sure would make this series a little easier haha.

Tonight’s photo is an ode to The Walking Dead and the season finale airing tonight on AMC. It took me awhile before I finally got to watching the show but it’s definitely become one of those shows where “just one more episode” turns into four and I’ve eaten a whole bag of chips. When I first started this series, I wanted to try to keep it simple and focus on the food but it’s just too fun with all the props. Thank goodness I have friends with interesting hobbies which in turn means great props! Now for those who are wondering why there are no human limbs or guts in a food shot related to The Walking Dead, it’s because this is the human/Daryl Dixon menu.  Zombie menu items would be way to hard to source anyway.

A little behind-the-scenes info on this shot, I chipped a tooth nibbling on one of those birds and a bone haha. Oops. I love food photography! I’ll post the rest of the photos from the series shortly!

TV Dinners - The Walking Dead - Season 5 FinalePIN



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