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Fairtytale Adventure!

I recently learned that my 5 year old niece Cali (she’s FIVE ALREADY?!) has been trying to win a trip to Disney World through the Breakfast Television “Share Your Disney Side” contest for the past few weeks.  To win, people have to submit photos with different themes showing their Disney side. Of course I wanted to help out so I decide we would throw a little twist on the classic Disney character Snow White for that week’s theme of “Classic Disney.” Before you get excited, unfortunately Cali didn’t win anything :( and we’re all still stuck here in the cold. Womp womp.

Even though she didn’t win, we did have a lot of fun playing dress up, eating candy apples and being silly. There were a few moments of mid-day, no nap time, 5 year old crankiness though haha. Man photographing kids is tough! But nothing gets them going like a little bit of sugar :D  Hopefully she’ll get a chance to experience Disney World one day! Here’s the final photo!

A poisonous apple from some creepy old lady? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Presenting…..Snow White and the Magic Candy Apple!


Cali Snow White - Story bookPIN

And finally, Cali being silly and hanging out with her beautiful momma!



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