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Saturday Night Lounge | Momma Nhum

Meet Momma. My parents have never really been into having their photos taken and aside from a few snap shots, I’ve never actually photographed them until a few weeks ago. So trying not to scare her, I jokingly asked my mother one day if she’d let me photograph her. While I expected a “Nooooo. Whyyyy. Noooo. Go take a picture of Cali and Gucci.” (Gucci’s the family dog :D ) I was pleasantly surprised when she happily agreed to do it. I was even more surprised at how comfortable and animated she got when she was in front of the camera. She’s so cute :) I should have known she was ready when she showed up with 4 outfit changes and made my dad do the same haha. So for that Saturday afternoon it was family photo time!

If you know my mother and our family, you’ll know that food and fam jams are what we do. I know everyone loves their mom’s cooking but I’m telling you, my mother’s cooking is ZEE BEST. When I lived at home, I’m pretty sure my friends didn’t come over to visit me, they came over for Momma Nhum’s meat sticks, egg rolls and dipping sauce. I’m not gonna lie, my cooking skills are a little lame compared to hers but I’m working on it! When my parents owned a restaurant I unfortunately spent all my time eating phở (Vietnamese noodle soup) and not watching how anything was made. Ha! Talk about awkward chubby years! Anyway, she’s a master in the kitchen and I’m pretty sure this was her first time picking up a cook book. She definitely has no idea who Betty Crocker is!


Momma Nhum | 06.07.14

SNL Photo Series - Momma NhumPIN


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