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Amarta + Nav | Toronto Centre Island Engagement

I don’t think these two are cool because he pretty much has the same name as me or that his mom’s birthday is the same as my mom’s or that even though we were teaching in Korea at different times, any one of us can bring up a random memory about Korea and we’ll know exactly what the person is talking about. No, these two are cool just because they were so much fun. Even though we only met last year to start planning their wedding, I feel like my conversations with Nav and Amarta resemble how I would converse with friends I’ve known for years. These guys are hilarious! I had such a fun time that afternoon. Something about chasing birds and ducks always makes me laugh. I know, I’m 5 years old. Whatever, it’s fun to run around with your arms flailing in the air and watch people do the same.

I cannot wait to see these two this weekend and celebrate their wedding! Happy wedding week Amarta & Nav!




Amarta & Nav Engagement-112PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-097PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-105PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-102PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-021PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-051PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-015PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-018PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-007PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-043PIN


Amarta & Nav Engagement-057PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-061PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-077PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-092PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-048PIN



Amarta & Nav Engagement-119PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-185PIN


Amarta & Nav Engagement-159PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-152PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-158PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-145PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-136PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-178PIN

Amarta & Nav Engagement-173PIN



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