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Angelina Jolie in Cambodia

Last weekend I decided hit up  World’s Biggest Bookstore , one favourite places in Toronto. Actually I was there as part of a quest to find TCHAD magazine as I have some work in the latest issue. After calling 4 other Chapters location and visiting 2, this location said they had it and so I made the trip down only to find out… it was the WRONG issue. Grrrr. Apparently they haven’t received the latest issue. Anyway, I didn’t mind it too much as I love going to this store. The title doesn’t quite hold true these days and it’s not the prettiest place but they still have a huge selection compared to my local Chapters.  I love their magazine section! Tons of stuff and they always have a really good selection of those snazzy super thick fashion, art and architecture magazines.




Anway, I was just flipping through a mag and fell upon this Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Angelina Jolie. I LOVE this photo. I don’t really care for LV but I think Angelina is pretty awesome. Although I do enjoy her movies, it’s probably mostly because of her humanitarian work…and that she’s totally down with my homeland Cambodia :)  Either way, I love the colours and composition of this photo and it was also shot by one of my favourite photographers,  Annie Leibovitz. Cool behind-the-scenes video too, check it out!



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