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Revamp! So I decided it was time the blog got a new look, something fresh, easy to navigate and totally kick ass! Alas, here we are. I didn’t want visitors having to sit there and wait for a bajillion (ya it’s a word, urban dictionary says so) photos to load and then have to scroll down forever just to see the next post. Of course my perfectionism made me spend WAY more time on this than I should have, but hopefully the fruit of my labour (including the 2hrs spent just deciding on a font) will make your visit more enjoyable! :)

I know a lot of people were diggin’ the timelapse video, so to kick it off, here’s another sweet video by Louise Booth. A little Behind-the-scenes/Navy Nhum Photography profile comin’ at ya!

Profile – Navy Nhum Photography from Louise Booth on Vimeo.


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