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Back from the Dominican!

I meant to do a quick post on my way out last week so you all didn’t think I was just being lazy and not updating but I couldn’t connect to the wifi at the airport for some reason. Anyhoo, as noted in the title, I went to the Dominican!  Now two shades darker, 6lbs heavier and a little reluctant to accept my return to reality, I’m back and have lots of eye candy to share! Gonna head to bed now but here’s one taken with my iPhone 4. Again, I I tried posting this after I took it but phone wouldn’t connect. Two amazing things about this photo, the beach and the fact that I can solve the Rubik’s Cube again. Best vacay ever :)


Update: My record time is 1:32, fastest time I got last week was 2:19 while panicking on the plane (I always fly with my Rubiks cube).




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