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I ♥ jumping 4 forever!

I’m somewhat surprised that I haven’t written on this topic yet. Well it’s late and I’m exhausted but I thought I would share some thoughts before the wonderful land of sleep. Anyone who knows me knows my love for jumping. I mean why wouldn’t you love jumping? It’s good exercise, it’s silly, it’s fun, you’re probably making a ridiculous face and it kinda brings out the kid in you. I firmly believe that there’s an art to jumping. It’s not easy to jump and not look totally silly, but then again who cares…unless you’re modelling, then that strained and uncomfortable face just won’t work. There’s so many poses you can do too! Most people go for the star jump, probably because it’s the safest and easiest to do. However, kudos to those who try to switch it up, you know, do something a little more risqué. I personally love the Saved by the Bell (another blog post that needs to happen btw) “friends forever” high-five jump. Not as cool if you’re solo in the photo though. Jumping is always more fun with others! Then there’s the professional jumpers who do it off of buildings and such, I’m not quite there. I’d say I’m more of a recreational jumper. From my years of jumping experience, I’ve also learned that snapping that photo at the right moment is also a skill. Super fast shutter speeds and frames per seconds help but timing is still everything. I think I’m pretty close to perfecting the self timed jump.

Whether it’s a High School Musical “I’m extremely happy about everything'” jump, where the body is poised and the grin is out of control, or the “I’m awesome and gonna giver 110% even if I fall on my face” jump, where limbs are flying and when you see the photo it makes you want to know how they landed, any jump is a good jump. Wait, that’s a lie. Jumps are lame if you didn’t want to do it and it shows and/or you didn’t even make it off the ground. Those people should not jump because serious injuries can occur from lack of enthusiasm. Remember, safety first. Jumping is fun but I don’t condone crazy jumping either, like infront of a moving vehicle or off a bridge. I don’t even think I could go bungee jumping. I’d probably throw up.  I like good clean fun jumps! I love jumping and sharing the exhilaration and excitement with others!

Some might ask, “Navy, why do you always have to jump?”, then I would answer, “Because I hate looking through your boring vacation photos.” Let’s be serious here, who actually wants to go through hundreds of vacation photos of someone posing by some statue that you have no idea about. Really, why do you look so happy standing by a thimble? And why is that thimble even there? So next time you’re off on some holiday and ready to Sears pose it by that palm tree, think “how can I make this awesome?” and jump. If you end up jumping into the palm tree, well then I can assure you that photo will be a family favourite for many generations to come. It’ll probably get lots of ‘likes’ on Facebook too.

This photo below is probably my all time favourite. I call it my Great Wall Jump of China. I have a growing collection of jumping photos that I can’t all find to post at the moment but I will share with you my beloved I ♥ jumping 4 forever! album from Facebook. Check them out! Happy jumping! :)


Have a sweet jumping shot? Send them my way and I’ll do a feature post on the many awesome jumpers of all the land! Email your photo to Who wants to go jumping? :)

  • November 27, 2010 - 6:27 pm

    Navy - Peter I have some sweeeeeet shots. I’m gonna wait to show you first before I post! Hope you guys are having fun in Hawaii!!ReplyCancel

  • November 27, 2010 - 2:08 am

    P+J - Stop jumping and put up some damn wedding shots you slacker!ReplyCancel

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