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Sveeeeeden ja

In a few hours I’ll be heading off on my first trip to Europe!  It’s also a big trip because this is the first time I’ll be traveling with some of my good friends and old roomates from Western. More importantly, we will be watching one of our close friends walk down the isle in Sweden! We’re first headed to London, England to meet up with a friend and hopefully check out some cool places including that big place that important older lady lives in, some old haunted tower and some giant wheel.

I’m a bride’s maid at the wedding so I obviously won’t be shooting it ’cause I don’t think I can fit my camera in my clutch. I got my bride’s maid dress awhile ago but just finally got shoes this afternoon. I have to say though, I’m a pretty good power packer, just as long as I don’t get distracted by too many other things along the way. Like when I packed to go camping and didn’t bring a sleeping bag or pillow because I was too concerned about what camera gear to bring. This time around I also had a long debate about which camera bag to bring and so on but finally decided on the Think Tank Shape Shifter. It’s a pretty sweet bag and I’m sure non-camera people don’t care and have stopped reading by now but it’s a badass bag haha! Maybe I’ll do a review on it when I get back or maybe I won’t remember because I’ll have 800000000000000000 photos to go through. Either way expect some awesome photos and hopefully some interesting stories! And thank god for the rubiks cube, the only thing that keeps me sane during turbulence :/

I’m out! Weeeeeeeee!



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