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Alright, I’m ridiculously tired and realize that I have yet to post the final images of the On Beyond Zen set, or anything since my last post for that matter. The little kindergarteners I’m teaching are exhausting!

My days are quite full but I just keep thinking, “Man, I should really post some of these photos I have piling up,” but I never get to it because either my mind gets distracted by thoughts of lesson plans or how much I would rather sleep than eat right now. I have the CAISA Fashion Show update coming up by the end of this week (tons of photos from that) and then finishing my sign language mini-set. Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve failed miserably at the 365: Photo a Day project :( I really tried though! Anyway, I’m still going to rock on with lots of photos, including my mini-sets. So no worries, this blog is still going to be jammin’!


[Photo: Devon Daviau]

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