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Awkwardness in front of the camera

As a photographer, I don’t really have photos of myself as I’m always the one behind the camera or being asked to take the photo, which is totally cool. However,  when I do have people taking photos of me, I have no idea how to act without being totally awkward or silly. It’s like even if I try to tell myself to stand or pose the way I would tell someone I’m shooting, it just feels… weird. Of course the only time I can feel comfortable and be natural is if I’m jumping in a photo, that never gets old.  :) My good friend Jade once told me, “Navy, you’re the most awkward person EVER.” Hahaha, it made me laugh and that’s why I love her, she always tells the truth. LOL. Anyway, I posted this just because… I like it. One of the few photos I have where I don’t look completely awkward and am grounded ;)

PIN[Photo: Louise Booth]

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