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2010 CAISA Fashion Show – Iconic

Two weeks later, the photos are finally here! As mentioned in an earlier post, I went to the CAISA Fashion show at Western on March 27th. As always it was  stellar show, the choreography was some of the best I’ve seen since dancing and seeing the shows for 6 years. So kudos to the choreographers, dancers and models! The only disappointing thing was the venue. The past few years it had been held at Centennial Hall which offered level seating and balcony views. This time the show was held at the London Convention Centre where seating was basically one behind another with no levels, this made it very difficult to see. By the intermission, it seems as though the last 10 rows had all gotten up and were standing to watch the rest of the show. Aside from the venue choice and even seating, the show was great. The lighting, stage and performances were phenomenal and I found myself wanting to be up on stage dancing with everyone most of the time!  Also, I think the program received very good responses so I’m happy with it. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. And everything always looks better in print!  Just one minor detail that was absent, it didn’t smell like glossy magazine like I had hoped :)

Check out some images from the show! I barely shot anything because I actually wanted to just enjoy the show instead of seeing the entire thing through my camera view finder. Thanks to Devon for most of these photos. Looks like I only took a few during the lingerie scene haha!


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